Create with Purpose Project Planning Toolkit
Create with Purpose Project Planning Toolkit
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Create with Purpose Project Planning Toolkit

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The Create with Purpose Project Planning Toolkit has resources you need to create better.

  • Project Planning Sheets - avoid feeling frustrated because you weren't prepared
  • Supply Lists and Organizational Tools - never again buy supplies you already have
  • Lists to help you remember the projects, events, and reasons to create
  • Brainstorming and Ideas Pages - so you have all your inspirations in one place AND never experience "blank canvas anxiety" again
  • Handmade Business Resources - so you feel confident starting a small business

AND you'll make more cool stuff!

The Project Planning Toolkit has pages that help you -

  • Create project plans with 4 unique project planning sheets so you can pick the one that works best for each project.
  • Track supplies and supply sources so you always know what you have and where it is.
  • Step out your projects into big steps and small steps.
  • Project Timeline helps you plan out what tasks can be batched and when they'll be done.
  • Over 25 unique pages that are separate project tools you'll be able to pull out and print whenever you need them.
  • It also includes a handmade business starter kit of expense sheets, an income tracker, a listing cheat sheet and more.